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We ensure that the right ingredients are in place for leadership teams to evolve and their businesses to grow.

From start-ups to scale-ups, we have been a part of so many amazing teams. We use our experience and everything we’ve learnt from the mistakes we’ve made to help leaders build great businesses that enable them to be the best of themselves and to unlock their full potential.


We believe that the best businesses are purpose-led and make a positive difference to people’s lives and their world.

It’s a belief shared by many of the entrepreneurs we have worked with and, together, we have learnt what it takes to succeed.

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We deploy both our experience and capital to build teams and businesses that go further, faster.

We drive a high-support, high-challenge environment underpinned by transparency, collaboration, trust, and respect.

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Ian Temple

Managing Partner

John Hunter

Managing Partner

“We’ve built many successful businesses, and along the way we’ve also made every mistake in the book. We use that experience to help others build great businesses that enable people to flourish.”

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I have worked with many amazing people and together we have built some fantastic businesses. I want to work with driven individuals who can benefit from my experiences to help them get the most from their lives.

I was fortunate enough to be backed in my late 20’s. Like all businesses we encountered many challenges – not least a financial crash just after we’d doubled our headcount – but we soon had a very high-growth businesses on our hands and I put a plan together to merge them to form Hydrogen Group and list the combined £100m turnover business on the stock market. We learnt so much together, challenging and supporting each other through the highs and lows.

Some years later I took the opportunity to step away from the business and, as an NED, helped a Tech business bring in a significant investor that enabled it to grow dramatically and eventually sell, helped several other companies through rapid growth and supported another business through a management buy-out.

Hydrogen had transformed into an international business and I agreed to come back as CEO, merging with Argyll Scott and building a formidable global leadership team and culture to take the business forward.

I realised that my biggest strength was spotting and supporting Entrepreneurial talent. Having backed the teams at Tempting Ventures, Project Partners and Strategio and successioned myself from running Hydrogen, I want to use my skills and passion to help those businesses grow and develop, and to back other entrepreneurs so they make the most of the experiences that come with that journey.

I have been delighted to see so many of my partners go on to achieve serial success and also remain good friends through the ups and downs of building businesses. I think that’s the result of working with people with similar values and goals, being open and building trusting relationships.

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I have been lucky enough to enjoy a rich career spanning over 30 years, meeting and working with many fantastic people across many parts of the world.

Having spent the 90’s earning my stripes in the professional services sector, I joined the AIM listed recruitment start up, Imprint plc, in 2001 as CFO to lead the buy side of a build and buy strategy. Week two saw 9/11 and a rapid change of strategy in response to the resulting market downturn. To help the business through that challenging period – and to keep myself employed – I pivoted into the COO role and began my operational recruitment career.

Over the following seven years, we grew Imprint – organically opening seven offices in London and throughout Asia-Pacific and completing four acquisitions – to a £100 million market capital group, making it the highest rated recruitment stock on the London Stock Exchange for large parts of the decade. In 2008 we exited via a trade sale (just) before the financial crisis. Good fortune rather than good judgement!

In 2010, after brief spells advising a fast growth digital staffing business and a fledgling RPO provider, I co-founded Argyll Scott, initially as an umbrella brand to provide a corporate backdrop to help leaders build their own businesses in their local markets. As CEO, over the next five years I backed entrepreneurial individuals in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Dubai. In 2017, I decided to roll the combined business into the Hydrogen Group to accelerate its growth and to create new opportunities for its leadership team.

Having created succession plans for myself from both Argyll Scott and the wider Hydrogen Group and, with Ian, backed leadership teams at Tempting Ventures, Project Partners and Strategio, I now want to use the insights I have gained of the challenges and opportunities that leaders face as their businesses grow – and the learns from the many mistakes along the way – to help the next generation of ambitious like-minded entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

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